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Who we are

Sea Emperor Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar at the Pyrmont Bay located in the Sydney Fish Market is one of the must-try places to eat. The establishment of Sea Emperor is a huge leap for the Sydney Chinese seafood business. Sea Emperor Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar was founded out of a strong national feeding obliged to serve the best wild-caught seafood to local and overseas customers as the first seafood restaurant of SFM Chinese-shareholder.

What we offer

A range of live seafood items served in Sea Emperor, which includes 100% wild-caught Green and Black Lip Abalone, King Crab, Lobsters and Live Fish etc, those live seafood grow up in the PRISTINE waters of Southern States of Australia such as Tasmania, Southern NSW, Victoria South Australia and Southern Western Australia. Sea Emperor is not only a restaurant but also a seafood exporter and trader to the Asian markets.

When it comes to cooking, it might not be everyone’s kettle of fish. However, head straight to the source, and suddenly you won’t feel like such a fish out of water. As well as the opportunity to buy the best of the live seafood from Sea Emperor Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar.

In Sea Emperor, there are ten tanks to house the live rock lobster, king crab and abalone, our client can choose their seafood live and have it prepared to the taste. Executive Chef Ringo Ng comes from Macau with 34 years local chef catering experience and has prepared a classic and modern combined menu for Sea Emperor.

Do not forget to take a sip of our treasured bottle of wine, Sea Emperor only serves high quality and valuable wine to our premium customers. The bar side is also welcoming you to enjoy a glass of cocktail or beer.

 What’s more we have

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